Seated Cable Row V-Bar - Rubber Handle | Cable Attachment

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Seated Cable Row V-Bar - Rubber Handle | Cable Attachment

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4 x

$5.25 AUD
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Seated Cable Row V-Bar - Rubber Handle Cable Attachment

The Fitness Hero Seated Cable Row V-Bar with Rubber Handle provides the maximum stimulation for your back and lat muscles. This close grip rowing and chinning bar, also known as a "V" bar or triangle bar, attaches to cable exercise equipment and is a versatile tool for compound back training.

Its unique design allows for bent knees and proper back positioning, resulting in a more effective workout. The solid, heavy-duty construction is perfectly balanced for smooth and quiet operation.

Each end is precisely polished and ground to ensure an exact radius, while the knurled diamond-textured grip with urethane rubber provides a non-slip and comfortable hold, reducing finger fatigue and strain on wrists during training. 

Seated Row Handle Bar / Chinning Bar Exercises

  • Close Grip overhand Lat Pulldown - When you pull down vertically whilst doing a lat pull down it will train mostly your lats and a portion of your back
  • Seated Row - When you pull horizontally whilst doing a seated row you will be engaging your upper back muscles your lats.
  • Pull ups - You can hang the “V” grip handle from a rope to do lat pull-up in stead of lat pull downs. The swinging actions caused by your body pulling up will forced to activate your pelvic floor and your abs to stabilise your torso as you do a pull-up therefore giving you a good core workout as well.
  • Bent Over Row - You can also connect the Triangle bar under a olympic bar to perform close grip bent over row exercise

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Dante Pellegrino (Brisbane, AU)
    Fantastic V-Bar Grip!

    This grip not only is highly comfortable to use due to the high quality rubber grips, but the solid metal bars separate your hands well to get fantastic lat activation!
    Would purchase again!

    Nathan Holloway (Sydney, AU)
    Perfect accessory!

    If you have a cable, you need this!
    Comfortable on the hands and strong enough to load up the weight!
    Hits the back just right!

    Mariana Chappell (Sydney, AU)

    Seated Cable Row - Grip Handle